Reclaiming Purity at Every Age

I can still remember the first time I encountered her. A forty-seven year old middle-class woman with a Bible in her hand. I had recently spoken at her daughter’s youth group about saving sex for marriage, and now she was cornering me for advice on how to talk to her daughter about make-up. There I was… only a teenager myself, hardly able to give parenting advice to a woman nearly three times my age. But it was in that moment I realized, it didn’t matter my age. Or hers. What mattered were the cultural questions we were both facing and the application of Biblical truth that was ours to discover.


Though it isn’t always as black and white as we prefer, the Bible gives clear direction to many of life’s hard-hitting questions. These are just some of the questions we’ve received over the years… via inbox messages or face to face conversations.

We get questions like these due to the nature of our ministry, but these questions aren’t exclusively ours to answer. These questions are yours too. This is your world. Your daughter. Your neighbor. Your friend. And this is the reality you wake up to every day.


When was the last time you looked at the statistics on sexuality to get an idea of what the cultural climate is actually like?

  • In the USA, sexual assault happens every 73 seconds*
  • 33 percent of women view pornography at least once a week*
  • The average age a child first sees porn is 8-11 years old*
  • Facebook users can now choose from one of 71 gender options*
  • 42% of unintended pregnancies end in abortion*

Pornography. Homosexuality. Gender Identity. Hook Up Culture. Abortion. Many of us are at a loss for words on how to talk about sexuality. But what if you had the vocabulary to intelligibly engage the Bible on this topic? 


Here’s the thing. Sexuality shouldn’t be an isolated topic of conversation, reserved for a tiny section on the bookstore shelves or mentioned once a year during the annual sermon series. It effects the people we love. And invades our everyday lives…. for better and for worse.

God created sexuality. It was His idea. His design. But when we look at the cultural climate, it’s hard to see how we can reclaim its sacredness for ourselves, our daughters, and the next generation of young women.

Maybe you’ve raised your kids. And you think you’re done talking about purity. But God still cares about it. Would you join us in encouraging our sisters in Christ as we passionately pursue Him together?

Join us At Our First Ever Women’s Conference for Women of All Ages

FRI, MARCH 13 | 6:30PM – SAT, MARCH 14 | 4PM

With ten years of experience reclaiming purity and sexuality, Across My Heart Ministries invites you to our FIRST EVER women’s conference at Grace Community Church (Ages 16+). We hope you’ll join us for worship, teaching, food and fun as we uncover why God created sexuality, what it reveals about the gospel, and how purity brings clarity to our everyday lives.


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