Meet the Team

Across my Heart Ministries started with a group of friends – friends who were committed to living lives of purity, purity that is more than just abstinence, purity that is defined as passionately pursuing the heart of God. Together, we share the truths we’ve learned about God through retreats, speaking engagements, and online blogs.

Ashley Giovannucci

Co-founder & Director


Things she likes:

listening to vinyl records. roadtrips with her husband. a good deal. vw buses. crafting. preaching. party planning. the color yellow. starbucks espresso.


Amber Impellizzeri

Co-founder & Assistant Director


Things she likes:

her husband’s laugh. grocery shopping. the ocean. scuba diving. traveling. dark roast coffee. chocolate and nuts. teaching science. singing.


Mandi Mauer

Art Director


 Things she likes:

boating. dark chocolate. warm blankets. driving fun cars. quality time. most orange foods. photography. animals. crazy adventures. fall and flannel.


Laura Coulier

Content Strategist


 Things she likes:

road trips. going to coffee shops. friends. puns. snuggies. preaching. investing. a good laugh. carbs. numbers.


Emmarie Moon

Communications Coordinator


 Things she likes:

 laughing. playing just dance. popcorn. water polo. christmas music. summer camp. qdoba. singing. the movie grease. reading.


Alyssa Nicole

Content Editor


 Things she likes:

listening to jazz music. all things pride and prejudice. chocolate. bible studies. calligraphy. summer. christmas music. teaching piano. shoes. coffee.


Kaela Noelle

Social Media Coordinator


 Things she likes:

science. broadway. ballet. starbuck’s macchiatos. devotions. classic books. words. oatmeal. christmas. big cities.