Meet the Team


Across my Heart Ministries started with a group of friends – friends who were committed to living lives of purity, purity that is more than just abstinence, purity that is defined as passionately pursuing the heart of God.

Pu-ri-ty noun

1 : passionately pursuing the heart of God


Ashley Giovannucci

Things she likes:
sunshine. vw buses. jeremiah 29:11. coffee. crafting. fashion. outdoors.

Amber Impellizzeri

Things she likes:
the zoo. hiking. scuba diving. coffee. fairy tales. traveling. sharks.

Laura Coulier

 Things she likes:
road trips. a good laugh. numbers. coffee shops. Bible studies. bonfires.

Mandi Mauer

 Things she likes:
photography. dogs. spontanaity. diy projects. chai tea lattes.