You can’t fix him… and why that matters.

I have spent about a year wanting to write about God-centered relationships but my heart wasn’t in the right place. I felt like a hypocrite. My ex-boyfriend is a “Christian”. However, we didn’t view our faith in the same way. He believed in God, but didn’t like going to church, praying, reading the Bible, getting [...]

Real or Fake: Photoshop in Real Life

Those glossy images on magazine covers.... long legs, thin torsos, sun-kissed skin tone. I wouldn't call them "fake". But I wouldn't call them"real" either. After all, the photoshopped photos of Jessica Simpson are, in fact, Jessica Simpson. But it's not reaaallly her. It's not reaallly real. It's not down to earth. Authentic. Genuine. Which is why Cindy Crawford, [...]