Women’s Conference

COMING MARCH 19-20, 2021

Across My Heart Ministries invites you to our first ever women’s conference hosted by Grace Community Church (Ages 16+).

God created sexuality. It was His idea. His design. But when we look at the cultural climate, it’s hard to see how we can reclaim its sacredness for ourselves, our daughters, and the next generation of young women.

We hope you’ll join us March 19-20, 2021 for worship, teaching, food and fun as we uncover why God created sexuality, what it reveals about the gospel, and how purity brings clarity to our everyday lives.


Ashley Giovannucci

As the Executive Director and Founder of Across My Heart Ministries, Ashley has 10 years of experience equipping young women with God’s truth about sexuality and womanhood.

She is currently pursuing her Masters in Biblical Studies from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary and has spoken at the local and national level as a previous speaker with True Girl.

Across My Heart Team

Across My Heart Ministries started with a group of friends who wanted to influence the next generation of young women to passionately pursue the heart of God with their whole life

Katie Kigar

Katie is a wife, mother of four, and former high school teacher. She and her husband work with the junior high youth group at Grace Community Church.


Sexual Revelation and the sexual revolution
Katie Kigar/ Ashley Giovannucci

Sexuality was God’s idea. It was His good design. The history of the Sexual Revolution has its own narrative of morality, but God’s Word reveals what we should believe about who He is and who we are.

Reclaiming Sexuality
Ashley Giovannucci

Reclaiming sexuality begins in our own lives. If we want to transform our culture with the truth of God’s good design, we must first let His truths transform us.


Sexuality and Our Emotions
Ashley Giovannucci

As sexed beings, our sexuality points toward a deeper need – love. We desire to know and be known while unknowingly harboring barriers to intimacy and vulnerability. Our self-protective measures and shallow commitments fall short of the covenantal relationships that God designed.

The Science of Sex: How the Biology supports the Theology

God designed our bodies to respond to sex in very specific and profound ways. In this session we will see how the biology of sex supports the theology of sex. (Disclaimer: this talk will be mentioning mature concepts such as orgasms and masturbation)

Breakout Sessions

Revealing the Objective Standards of Modesty
Emmarie Moon/Ashley Giovannucci 

Unlike the social mores of fashion, the principles of modesty are not a manmade concept. Modesty was God’s idea. His standards transcend time and place to give us a deeper truth: the clothes we wear are a daily reminder of our need for Christ. Rather than asking what to wear and where to draw the “hemlines”, it’s time to consider why we wear the clothes that we do

Understanding the LGBTQIA Community, Sexual Orientation, and Gender Identity
Katie Kigar

Everyone is a part of this conversation in some way, because of a friend, family member, messages from media, or an experience of your own. But what does Jesus say? How does His love challenge us to respond and how does His truth bring clarity to confusion?

Consuming or Consumed? Social Media and the Christian Woman
Kaela Kaiser

How can we use social media without being used by social media? Understanding the consumer/consumed mindset of our modern day and age. 

Reframing Preconceived Ideas of Femininity in a Disoriented World

Femininity is a concept that seems archaic and confining. Culturally, it has been defined by physical attributes and actions. But biblical femininity is about who God has created us to be and how that overflows into the way we relate. Is it possible that our femininity uniquely displays the open and invitational nature of God? 

Sexual Heartache and the Language of Healing
Katie Kigar

Often experienced but rarely spoken about, sexual pain and heartache is not beyond the healing power of Jesus. Many times those we love, including ourselves, carry pain, regret, and brokenness from our own choices, the choices of others, and the reality of living in a fallen world. How do we speak into that? What should we be telling ourselves and others?

Diagnosing the Porn Epidemic and Overcoming Sexual Sin
Ashley Giovannucci & Amber Impellizzeri

Sexual sin isn’t just a man’s problem. 87% of Christian women have admitted to watching porn, and every year advances in technology make it more intense and more accessible than ever. Sexual sin is one of the biggest threats to our marriages, our Christian witness, and our intimacy with God. How did we get here and how do we stop?