Praying for Your Future Husband: A Prayer for Intimacy

Throughout my teenage years, there were always two books that sat on my dresser beside my bed, one of them being Praying for Your Future Husband: Preparing Your Heart for His by Robin Jones Gunn and Tricia Goyer. It felt so dreamy to be praying for whoever my future lover would be. Looking back on that period of time, I believe that this little book was a powerful tool with chapters like “Pray for His Heart,” “Pray That He Will Be a God Lover,” “Pray for Protection,” “Pray for Commitment,” etc.

As I flipped through the book again recently, I was drawn to the chapter named “Pray for Intimacy.” Intimacy is an aspect of marriage that people are often hesitant to talk about. But this book encourages the reader to specifically pray for a future husband in this way. Why?

What Is Intimacy?

Intimacy can be experienced in numerous ways – between friends, between family, within the church – but one of the most profound experiences of intimacy between two human beings is between a husband and wife. 

Though the term intimacy is heavily associated with the physical act of sex (as many movies, shows, books, and the internet portray it), biblical intimacy extends much deeper. It touches every aspect of the person, including the mind, spirit, and soul. 

Intimacy in marriage reflects a powerful truth of the gospel – that we are fully known by God, yet deeply loved. Just as the woman caught in adultery in John 7 stands before the Savior fully exposed yet not condemned, each one of His daughters stands before God, fully known but free. 

Intimacy in marriage reflects a powerful truth of the gospel – that we are fully known by God, yet deeply loved.

Alyssa Kaiser, Across My Heart Ministries

Marriage points to this picture of intimacy. Robin writes about this idea saying, “Before the Fall, Adam and Eve had nothing to hide from each other, and Scripture tells us, ‘Adam and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame’ (Genesis 2:25). True intimacy feels no shame. You can entrust to your spouse all that you are – spirit, soul, and body – and know that you will be heard, seen, accepted, and understood.” Biblical intimacy (the kind that reaches the soul and spirit) brings about trust and confidence.

Why Pray for Intimacy?

Why pray for intimacy?  It can feel awkward to pray about this aspect of your relationship, but I believe it is so important. If intimacy within marriage is such a powerful picture that points what intimacy with God looks like, you’d better believe that the Enemy is going to do his best to twist and distort this picture.

Pray that your husband will guard his body, his eyes and his mind. Pray that he will have wisdom about what he watches, listens to, and who he hangs around. Pray that his choices today will be pleasing to God. Pray that he will pursue purity in his thoughts and in his actions. Pray that he will experience intimacy with God, the beauty of being set free by being known.


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