Introducing The Bible Study Planner

I’m the girl who has a notebook for everything. I have a notebook for Bible study, another one for sermon notes and two or three other planners to jot down my to-do lists. It’s hard to keep track of it all!

It bothered me that my Bible study notes were tucked away in a separate notebook and all of my other life goals in another. Shouldn’t my Bible study be integrated into the rest of my life?


Which is why we created The Bible Study Planner, featuring our one-of-a-kind Bible study method and holistic goal setting worksheets to help you integrate your Bible study into the rest of your life. Here at Across My Heart Ministries, it is our hope to see His Word written across our hearts, inseparable from the way we live our everyday lives.

Grace & Peace,

Ashley Giovannucci, Co-founder & Director

What’s INSIDE The Bible Study Planner?

The Bible Study Planner is 260 Pages, including:

  • Holistic goal setting sheets emphasizing hospitality and acts of kindness
  • Monthly calendars and to-do lists for 2020
  • 100 Bible Study Worksheets featuring our Scripture-Inspired Bible Study Method
  • 8 Prayer Request Sheets
  • 52 Pages for Sermon/Podcast Note Sheets
  • 5 Day a Week Chronological Bible Reading Plan (Giving you the weekends to catch up!)
  • Prompts for scripture memorization
  • Journaling pages emphasizing gratitude
  • Access to our online community with Bible study videos


When our team created this Bible Study method, we stopped to ask ourselves: how does Scripture tell us to study Scripture? We opened the Bible and started from there, using verses to prompt each section of our study:

  1. PRAYING – PHILIPPIANS 4:6 First we invite God into our study time by praying with both requests and thanksgiving.
  2. SEEKING – JEREMIAH 29:13 We immediately begin seeking God’s character before looking for any personal application. This is so important! Our motivation to live pure lives should pour out of a deeper Love for God. When we seek God first, we build our character around His character and focus on His goodness not our own!
  3. MEDITATING – PSALM 145:5 The third step is meditating. Depending on how much time you have, there are some great ideas for writing out Scripture and marking your Bible in this section (Check out our Color-Coded Bible Study Highlighters in the shop!)
  4. LIVING – PSALM 119:9 Lastly, we focus on living out the Scripture in our daily lives with questions for personal application.
  5. REMEMBERING – PSALM 77:11 There is also a space with blank note sheets for reflecting and remembering the ways God showed up at the end of each month. You can use this as a way to remember the goodness of God as you look back on 2020!

The Bible Study Planner was created for your personal relationship with God, but it was also designed to correspond with our online community. We’d love to have you join our online community as we read through the Bible in a year with the Across My Heart Ministries Chronological Reading Plan! There will be Bible Study videos, additional resources, and community discussion as we write His Word across our hearts together in 2020!


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