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It is our hope to see His Word written across our hearts, inseparable from the way we live our everyday lives. That’s why we created The Bible Study Planner for young women who passionately pursue the heart of God.

Instead of having our Bible Study notes, sermon notes, prayer requests all tucked away in separate notebooks, we created this planner to integrate God’s Word into our everyday lives.

*This planner isn’t just about your plans. It’s about His plan for your life.*

The second edition of The Bible Study Planner is 280 Pages with gold wire-o flat lay binding.

The 2021 edition features:

  • Monthly calendars and to-do lists with prompts for holistic goal setting, gratitude, and scripture memorization
  • Weekly schedule, planning tools, and goal trackers as well as space for weekly reflection
  • A printed Bible verse each week that follows along with the Chronological reading
  • 100 Bible study worksheets with a clean, new layout that still features our Scripture-inspired Bible study method
  • NEW Book by Book Breakdown with fill-in-the-blank worksheets for all 66 books of the Bible
  • 6 prayer request and praise sheets
  • 52 pages for Sunday sermons
  • Chronological Bible Reading Plan (5 days a week which gives you the weekends to catch up!)
  • A 2021 vision board
  • Seasonal bucket lists
  • And 5 additional pages of journaling space

Whew! That’s a lot!

What makes our planner truly unique isn’t just the comprehensive content but the unique way that it guides you through your Bible Study. The all new “Book by Book Breakdown” will help you discover the context behind each book. We will be providing content all year long to fill in those worksheets as we read through and review the Bible In a Year! Whether you follow the Chronological Reading plan with us or study the books on your own time, the “Book by Book Breakdown” will give you context for your Bible Study.

This year, our Bible Study Worksheets include more space for writing and Bible Study notes. Each step of the worksheets are inspired by Scripture, with verses prompting each section of your study.

*Images are product representation only. Products will be printed after pre-orders are received. 

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4 reviews for The Bible Study Planner 2021

  1. Across My Heart

    It’s an awesome guide an helps you focus on the things that matter – Laura

  2. Across My Heart

    It was the first year I really stayed on track with my Bible reading! – Kay

  3. Across My Heart

    I really loved it and can’t wait for next years – Anna

  4. Across My Heart

    It was an awesome tool for keeping in step with life and my walk of faith. I’ve been loving the Old Testament and honing in on the characteristics of God we might usually skimp over. It’s so organized, cute, and helpful. You ladies put your heart into this for sure. – Laura

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