Holistic Purity: Giving Your Whole Self to God [Video]

Sex is confusing. The church has overcomplicated it. The world has overcomplicated it. But it doesn’t have to be that way. God’s ways are actually quite simple.

Sex is a big deal. We are holistic beings, meaning our sexuality affects every part of us. Just like the rest of our lives, our physical bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit and matter deeply to the gospel. If we recognized the true value of sex, we wouldn’t idolize it or avoid it. We’d protect it.

Our co-founder & director, Ashley Giovannucci, spoke about holistic purity with one hundred 6th-12th graders at the One Heart Youth Conference last weekend. She talked about  failed attempts to navigate our sexuality – the purity movement of the 1990’s, abstinence education, and the free love movement. And she ultimately shared how the simplicity of God’s way brings clarity to our lives.

Watch the clips on our youtube channel or the full length talk here:


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  1. This is a crucial lesson to learn before advancing to a sexual relationship: A selfless heart has the capacity for two. Get that right and then all things including sex between two married people become a beautiful sight in the eyes of God.

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