Reading the Whole Bible Takes Less Time Than You Think

If you would have asked me how long it takes to read the Bible in a year, I would have said thirty minutes a day? Or more? Because I wasn’t really sure. It wasn’t until I came across an infographic on Crossway that I realized it takes a lot less time to read through the Bible than I thought.

It only takes 12 minutes a day to read through the WHOLE Bible in one year. Fifty-five percent of people spend thirty minutes or more a day reading books. Why not take half that time to read the greatest book of all? Not an avid reader? Well, 26% of people admit to spending more than a half hour a day on Youtube, and the average user spends more than 53 minutes everyday on Instagram.

The craziest statistic?

It takes longer to watch every season of The Office than it does to read the whole Bible. And, believe me, I know a few people who have binge watched every episode of The Office (this isn’t an endorsement of The Office, but I may be guilty)!!

None of this is to make you (or me) feel bad but to show you just how possible it is to read through the entire Bible! There is no form of entertainment or source of information that is a better use of our time than reading God’s Word. When we read His Word, we aren’t just reading words on a page. We are growing in the knowledge of our Savior, learning more about who He is, and falling deeper in love with the heart of God. It’s His Revelation to us. His Word has the power to transform us – not because we follow a list of rules but because we learn to love the One who wrote it as we write His Word across our hearts.

Starting January 2020, Across My Heart Ministries will be reading through the Bible-In-A-Year. And we’d love to have you join us as we write His Word across our hearts together!

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