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Hi! Before Friday gets away from me, I wanted to share a quick #fridayintroductions since it’s finally my turn to introduce myself! I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know the team here at Across My Heart!

Introducing our director

I’m Ashley Giovannucci (thanks to my husband for the awesome Italian last name 😘). 

Fun fact: Everyone thought my sister Amber and I were twins growing up (I wish)! We aren’t twins. But we are BFFS! How cool is it that we married best friends too?!! (God is so good) 🙌🙌

Another fun fact: I’ve had 3 completely different careers in my young life. I spent 4 years in event planning. 1 year in TV production. And I currently work as an in-home caregiver for my aunt.

I love throwing parties for friends . I can’t seem to shake my love for all things event planning which is why I can’t wait to host some AMH Girls Nights Out in the future (would #AMHGNO be a cool hashtag? Yes? No?). I’m constantly crafting, putting together floral centerpieces, and practicing my calligraphy in the spare time.

I’m kind of obsessed with the color yellow, the 1970s aesthetic (we recently painted our kitchen cupboards avocado) and Volkswagen buses (I have a pinterest board dedicated to them). 

I quit my job in TV production earlier this year because God called me to share the Good News instead of the latest news. As the director of AMH, you’ll find me blogging regularly, speaking about God’s good design for sexuality, and dreaming of future ways we can encourage young women to passionately pursue the heart of God. 

I tend to talk a lot. So I’ll stop now. But feel free to chat me up anytime. I’m the one who answers all the DMs 😜 

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