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Every Friday on social media we introduce a different member of the Across My Heart Team with photos and short video interviews! It’s our way of getting to know each other a little bit better. This week it’s Laura turn!! And we could NOT stop laughing at the ways Laura tried to turn shallow inspirational phrases into biblically correct inspiration! Check out the last video and you’ll see what I mean 🤣

Here’s what Laura had to say:

Greetings friends!

I love the saying, “There’s no such things as strangers, only friends I haven’t met yet.” As a part of our AMH Friday introductions, I’m excited to introduce myself to you, but will be even more excited should we ever meet in real life.

In my younger days (not so long ago), I enjoyed traveling the globe. I’ve been to Australia, Alaska, Peru, Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Israel, all before I was 21 years old. Traveling is a grand adventure, but I found the more I explored the world, the more I became grateful for the people I had back home. So now my rule is, I only travel if I can take some of them with me.

In a given week, you can find me working at a local Christian film college as the Finance Manager. If you ever want to see my face light up, just ask for my help figuring out how to afford your long-term dreams…it might take me a while to come back down from that topic, so ask at your own risk and only if you have a lot of time. I’ll also light up if you bring up Jesus or ask me about God’s love for you! Basically, I love any discussion that produces wisdom, freedom, and understanding.

I’m not sure I’ll ever figure out if I’m an introvert or an extrovert. I think at the end of the day, I’m someone who comes alive when I’m in a safe and encouraging environment. So, depending on where you meet me, you could get a very different idea of my talkativity (a word I just made up J). If it’s at an Across My Heart event, you’re basically guaranteed to see my talkative and ridiculous side. Officially, I’m an ESTJ and a 1 on the enneagram. I’m often told that people are surprised by how relational I am given how very analytical I am, but I just figure, it points to God’s creativity. As such, I love calling people out of their societal “boxes” and into who God has truly called them to be.

I love making people laugh, eating carbs, encouraging others, speaking truth, and living life with intentionality. 

A short interview with Laura

Laura plays This or That

shallow inspirational phrase do-over

Look up inspirational phrases on google or Pinterest and chances are you’ll get a lot of wordly advice. We had way too much fun trying to turn the popular, shallow phrases we found into Biblically correct inspirations. [Please do not take this too seriously. We didn’t.] 🤣


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