Getting to Know You | Meet Mandi

What is the best part about #fridayintroductions?  The fact that it’s FRIDAY!!! And we love the excuse to introduce you to another one of our team members. This time it’s Mandi Mauer’s turn!

We hope you all have a fun and relaxing weekend in front of you!

Here’s what Mandi had to say

To introduce myself…  Hey!  My name is Mandi. 🙂  I am the Art Director on the AMH Team.

Some things about me …

I am definitely an introvert … I love having fun, just need some time to recharge

I work with college students

I love balloons and gummy snacks

I have way too much fun driving sports cars

In the summertime I love being on the water boating with my family and friends

My first time getting involved with Across My Heart Ministries was on their second retreat, and I’ve been helping out ever since.  It’s been an amazing journey of continuously learning about God’s heart for purity and having the privilege of sharing it with others.

Read things she’s written HERE!

A quick interview with Mandi

Mandi plays This or That


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