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If you’ve been on social media lately, you may have seen we’ve been introducing a different member of the Across My Heart Team each week with photos and short video interviews! It’s our way of getting to know each other a little bit better! We just highlighted Kaela, our Social Media Coordinator. Here it is in case you missed it!!

Here’s what KAELA had to say!

Hey! It’s that day… #fridayintroductions 🙌🏻 I’m your girl, Kaela Kaiser. I’m one of the faces behind the Across My Heart Ministries blog!

Some things that you will find out after being around me for two minutes are…
I’m a major extrovert 🤛🏻
I love a new food experience (nothing beats a good curry)🤤
I work at Chick-fil-a…my pleasure 🍟🐄
I’m an avid Starbucks drinker…I’ll take a grande coconut milk mocha macchiato please 💁🏼‍♀️ ☕️
In my free time, you’ll probably find me dancing or listening to a broadway musical 💃 
I love learning new things 🧠

I joined the AMH team in the fall of 2017. It has been such a blessing being able to share my passion finding identity in Jesus Christ. I love sharing the mission about holy living with some amazing ladies who truly love Jesus 

A quick interview with Kaela

Kaela plays Would You Rather


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