Hello, out there! Across My Heart Ministries is saying hello to Youtube

All summer long we’ve been writing about the verses that have inspired us during our own quiet time, encouraging you to soak in the Word while you soak up the sun. We hope you’ve enjoyed our summer blog series: His Word Is Written Across My Heart, and, most of all, we hope it has challenged you to grow in your own relationship with the Lord.

As we wrote the devotional blogs, we we were inspired to record a few of the devotionals on our youtube site. It’s kinda new for us. But we’d love for you to subscribe and come along for the journey! Stop by, and say hi!


Video Devotionals

Alyssa challenges us to rethink how we speak.

This summer, our director, Ashley, shares how she learned about her personal limitations and the power of God’s greatness.

Amber encourages us to keep an eternal perspective even when this life gets you down.

What’s Next?

Now that summer is over, we will be shifting focus to a new blog series: Fantasies and Fairytales. This series takes us to the heart of every girls’ imagination… the fairytale! From the time we were little, we’ve been taught to dream big, wish upon the star, and just keep believing. But what does God’s Word have to say about the fairytale messages we’ve been receiving?


If your late night dreams and daytime wishes have you hoping for your own version of a happily ever after, this blog series is for you!   

Through out the month, we are going to open the chapters of our favorite childhood fairytales to uncover the biblical realities behind our wildest fantasies.

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