It’s More Than A Dress

If you were at our women’s conference in March, you will know how excited I am that the month of December is finally here. Yes, I am absolutely excited about the snow, Christmastime, and all that this season brings. But I am also really excited not to wear pants for 31 days in a row. 

December – or DRESSEMBER – is one of my favorite times of the year. This is my 5th year wearing dresses for the entire month of December. Even though I have collected many fun dresses throughout my years participating (follow our instagram for fashion updates!) I love the heart behind the fashion challenge even more than the challenge itself. 

Fashion That Truly Makes A Statement

Blythe Hill, a fashion designer from California, started Dressember in 2013 as a way to mix up her style choices. After a few years of stretching her creativity by wearing only dresses for 31 days straight, she realized she could put a purpose behind her passion. She tied the fight for human trafficking in with her fun play on words and, well, the rest is history. The cause grew and is now partnered with more than 10 anti-human trafficking organizations that fight modern day slavery through the simple act of wearing a dress. 

I found out about Dressember a little over five years ago from a friend who was really passionate about participating. I thought it was an easy way to make a big impact and I bought a few dresses. Every year I have challenged myself a little bit more both with the way I wear dresses and the way I fundraise. The first few years I just posted on social media a couple of times and tried to sell some homemade Dutch pastries. Now, my social media is the way I advocate for the roughly 40.3 million people whose voices are taken away from them. 

Did you know that many porn actors and actresses are victims of sex trafficking? Did you know that the average age trafficking victims are filmed for sex is 12.8? Did you know that many victims of trafficking are trafficked by people they know, love, and trust?

What started as a fun way to raise awareness for modern day slavery turned into a battle. I spend 31 days flooding my own social media with facts about human trafficking in the hopes that people close to me learn something valuable. Maybe my friend’s cousin learns to be more aware of her surroundings – both hers and other vulnerable populations around her. Maybe someone I went to college with is convicted about their porn addiction because they learn the people in it are acting against their will. Maybe my relative is prompted to give money to help a victim of human trafficking in their escape and recovery. 

It’s Not Too Late to Join

You must be thinking to yourself: it can’t be that simple. But it is! Wearing a dress every day for 31 days and committing to telling those around you why you’re doing it can raise money and awareness to protect and even save your friends and neighbors. Guys – you  can do it too! Wear a tie or bowtie for the month of December. Dresses and ties save lives.

If this kind of commitment level isn’t for you, that is okay too! God puts different issues on different people’s hearts so we can all advocate for a redeemed world in different ways. Maybe consider sharing some of my posts, this blog, or even donating money to my fundraiser here! And if you’re an annual Banket buyer, keep your eyes peeled for my Facebook post letting you know they’re available. 

It’s more than a dress. Ask me about it. 

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