Online Course


Passionately pursing the heart of God with our whole life... that’s our definition of purity. So it only seemed right to name our online course “Pure Passion“. We promise…. this course isn’t your typical “purity retreat” content where you’ll learn a list of rules and leave feeling overwhelmed by everything you can’t do. No. Here at Across My Heart Ministries, we believe the true reward of walking in God’s ways is walking with Him. God’s ways are the BEST ways to live. He is our motivation!

We’ve been teaching this content to young women for almost 10 years and we are SO EXCITED to hang out with you in an online, digital format so you can join in on the conversation and learn more about God’s good design for sexuality…. wherever you are!!


Every Live Stream session will be accessible through a private facebook group that you’ll be asked to join via email. If you don’t have facebook, you can easily set up a temporary account or use a different username to access the content.

Schedule Sneak Peek

June 8 – What is purity, really? Reclaiming the Biblical definition.

June 15 – Holistic purity & your emotions. Loneliness. Emotional Boundaries. Relationships.

June 22 – Holistic purity & your mind. Lust. Objectification. Pornography.

June 29 – Holistic purity & your body. Modesty. Temptation. And your wedding night!