Photo Shoots… Good Clean Fun?


It’s fun to take pictures with your friends. Candid shots of laughter can capture a memory. Goofy photos on the webcam never seem to get old. But what I’ve noticed a lot of girls doing lately are photoshoots…. a full session of photography with a few friends with different poses and different backgrounds often revolving around a specific theme. I’ve seen quite a few girls upload these photos to facebook… sometimes creating a whole new album with up to one hundred photos. The photos are usually fun and artistic, showing the creativity of the photographer by thinking outside the box.

Unfortunately, many of these photos don’t exude a sweet and innocent fun time. Sometimes these photos include seductive poses of teenage girls trying to look sexy. I’ve seen way too many pictures of thirteen year old girls and girls my age with pouting lips and heavy make up looking longingly into the camera lens. Even if they are fully clothed, photos like this create a sense of seduction and give the wrong impression.

But it’s easy to have a photo shoot that fun and creative without compromising your innocence. Getting a few of your friends together to create a series of photographs should be a fun and artistic activity! And it can be! A few of us from Across My Heart ministries got together to show you just how fun photo shoots can be!

We picked a theme, got some props from the 1970s, donned a few old school outfits, and made lots of memories! Check out some more of the photos from our 1970s photo shoot below!




Fun photo shoot ideas:

Pick a decade like we did…. love the 1950s? How about the 1980s? Dress up in your favorite checkered dress or neon leggings and don’t forget the bouffant!

Pick a fun background… whether you are a country girl or a city girl, there is a place for you!

Blow bubbles or balloons… props can be a lot of fun to play with and add an awesome visual effect!

Recreate your favorite movie… take snap shots while acting out the plot line and role play as your favorite character from the film!

I Want It All…..

Just one more pair of shoes. Or how about that new designer Coach purse? Ooooo did you see the floral skinny jeans in this week’s JCPenney ad?

The wish list goes on forever….

As Black Friday approaches, don’t skip right over Thanksgiving and start writing out your Christmas wishlist, giving up your thankful spirit to get more stuff.

I mean… really…How can you want more and be content at the same time?

Would you rather have a life of empty longing for the next best thing or a life of fulfilled enjoyment in what you have?

I choose to be content.

As I think about Christmas this year… sure, there are a few things that I want. I’d love a few new dresses. And next time I go shopping, I’ll probably buy a pair of black high heels. But, if we look at the Christmas season as a chance to get what we want aren’t we forgetting about the holiday of thankfulness that prefaces it?

On Thanksgiving we say everything we are thankful for, and then the very next day we start shopping for everything we don’t have…. a little ironic isn’t it?

I was just telling someone recently that I don’t have my ears pierced because I don’t have any earrings. If I get my ears pierced, I will want a pair of earrings to go with every outfit. I will want, want, want, and want…. why would I give up my current spirit of contentment for a longing desire to constantly want more?

Choose to have a spirit of thankfulness this Thanksgiving, and choose to remain thankful through the holiday season!


Dove hair products launched a new campaign featuring the cartoons we know and love! I really respect their creativity! Rather than using images of sensual models with sex appeal, they thought outside the box and used images that are fun and fresh!

How do you say good-bye?

See ya later, Alligator! In a while, Crocodile! In an hour, Sunflower! Gotta Go, Buffalo!

There are a million ways we can say good-bye. Yet, we always use the same word when we end our conversations with God. At the end of our prayers, all God’s children say “Amen”!

What does that even mean?

Amen is a Hebrew word which means “to confirm”.

When you say amen, you are saying “so be it”. You are in agreement with everything that has been said and are confirming it in your life.

That’s why people sometimes shout “Amen!” in the middle of a church service. They are agreeing with the truth of what the preacher had just said! 

When it comes to saying good-bye, I can’t think of a better way to end my prayers than Amen. It really isn’t a good-bye because we never say good-bye to God. Instead, it’s a confirmation of our conversation.

Here is a long list of creative ways to say good-bye in text messages, e-mails, letters, and any other sort of conversation… other than prayers. Amen is still the best. =)


  • Best/Warm wishes
  • Confidently yours
  • Kind regards
  • Respectfully Yours
  • With anticipation
  • Hugs
  • Kinds Thoughts
  • Wishing you the best
  • Write soon
  • Your Friend
  • Be good
  • Be well
  • Until next time
  • Take care
  • Take it easy
  • Smiles
  • Have a nice day
  • Many Thanks
  • Your the best
  • In Gratitude
  • Thanks a Million (1,000,000)
  • With Heartfelt Thanks


  • Peace, love and pogo sticks (or whatever else…peace, love and bouncy balls)
  • Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease
  • Later Vader
  • This message will  self destruct in 10 seconds
  • Take Care, Comb your hair
  • Only you can prevent forest fires
  • All I ask is that you treat me no different than a Queen/King
  • Call me, or else
  • you love me
  • I didn’t mean anything I wrote

Yours till…

  • Yours till the Hersheys’s Kiss
  • Yours till the candle sticks
  • Yours till the ice ages
  • Yours till banana splits
  • Yours till butter flies
  • Yours till the kitchen sinks
  • Yours till niagra falls
  • Yours till the chocolate chips
  • Yours till the cow mooooooooooooos
  • Yours till the crow flies and the flies crow
  • Yours till the tie dies
  • Yours till the road kills
  • Yours till the cat barks
  • Yours till the lip sticks
  • Yours till ice skates


  • Tag, your it!
  • Stay tuned
  • Peace, love, and unity
  • Later Gator
  • In anticipation of your valued response
  • Ta ta for now
  • Cheers
  • Cheerio
  • Your Pal
  • Godspeed
  • Shine on
  • Rock on
  • Love and Rockets
  • Love and Lollies
  • Toodles
  • at your service
  • Later tater
  • Buh, bye
  • Coo Coo, Cachoo
  • Whoop
  • Enthusiastically
  • G’day Mate
  • All good, all the time
  • Keep on rollin in the free world
  • Keep on keepin on
  • Fair thee well
  • Solid
  • Unquestioningly
  • Tally ho
  • See ya round like a done I’m gone
  • ~Poof~
  • Don’t let the bed bugs bite
  • There’s someone looking through your window
  • All good, all the time
  • May your arrows fly straight and your aim be true
  • That’s all she wrote
  • Cary on bravely
  • *Elevator Music*
  • May fun characterize your evening
  • The end
  • Copyright (Insert Year)
  • Pretend I folded this up and past it to you under the desk
  • Power to the people
  • May the sun shine on your conquest this day
  • I need some closure
  • So as it is written, let it be done
  • Yours until further notice
  • In my humble but accurate opinion
  • Burn after reading
  • Your stalker
  • Color Outside the lines
  • I bow to your superiority
  • Get it? Got it? Good



  • May the road rise to meet you
  • Over the river and through the woods
  • May blessings and Smiles be yours
  • Be Safe, Be Healthy, Be Happy
  • It’s been real..It’s been nice…It’s been real nice
  • Peace and Progress
  • My time is up and I thank you for yours
  • Here’s to always having loving ways and perfect days
  • Happy Trails to you
  • Stay as you are
  • Be well, do good deeds and keep in touch


  • Here’s lookin at you kid
  • May the force be with you (Star Wars)
  • Live long and prosper (Star Trek)
  • Can you dig it?
  • Lock and Load
  • Over and out
  • You don’t need to see my credentials (Star Wars)
  • Mind you Manners, (Robin Hood)
  • Up up and away, (Peter Pan)
  • Rest well and dream of large women, (Princess Bride)
  • And that’s all I have to say about that (Forest Gump)
  • For Strength and Honor (Gladiator)
  • Take Care Now, bye bye then (Ace Ventura)

Different Language:

  • Vive la revolution
  • Au revoir of Salut (French
  • Tot ziens or Doei (Dutch)
  • Pax Vobiscum (Latin for Peace be With You)
  • Adieu
  • Aloha
  • Adios amigo (use “amiga” for a female letter recipient or “amigos” for a family or group),
  • Tschus (German for bye bye)
  • Carpe diem (Latin for seize the day)

Barbie Girl

A permanent smile, sparkly pink stilettos, and platinum blonde hair – she’s perfection you can hold in your hand, and she goes by the name Barbie.
Barbie’s flawless skin and perfect figure seem harmless at first, but some argue that every little girl’s favorite doll is setting harmful standards for idealistic beauty.Barbie Girl

Mathematicians have calculated that a 5-foot-6 Barbie would have a 39 inch bust, 21 inch waist, and 33 inch hips – aka nearly impossible in reality. But is Barbie’s fake body causing real problems?

I mean, she’s fake.
Her plastic face never ages.
She always smiles.
She only has one emotion.
Her hair doesn’t grow back when it’s cut.
She isn’t real.
And her standard of beauty isn’t real either.

Little girls know what is real with what is not. Magazines, celebrities, movies, TV shows… those are real people setting real examples and creating real problems… not a doll. So let’s leave Barbie doll alone.

Vote for Big Bird???

You might not know a lot about the economy. Or taxation. Or health care reform.

You might not know a lot about Obama. Or Romney.

But everyone knows Big Bird.

In Obama’s latest ad campaign, he uses the big yellow bird (without permission) as a way to poke fun of Romney.

In order to cut back on our national debt, Romney said that he’d cut government funding to PBS, the television channel that airs the popular TV show Sesame street. He made the pop culture reference in direct correlation to the economy and government spending.

Now the whole thing has spun out of control. It’s 28 days before the election, and America is talking about Big Bird.

Popular on Pinterest….

Since some of you may or may not have your own pinterest, I thought I’d clue you in on the pinterest world every now and then. I especially like this craft idea that’s been popping up lately. Check it out.


So… what do I think about Pinterest anyway?

There are a lot of things that I like about Pinterest:

  • Girl’s sharing their style tips with one another instead of keeping them to themselves
  • Inspiring photos that make me realize how beautiful God’s world is
  • Inspiring quotes that I haven’t heard before
  • Fresh, new, easy ideas for my next crafts…. I love making things =)
  • All the food looks delicious! People on Pinterest are practically professional food photographers. Yum!

There are a lot of things I don’t like about Pinterest:

  • The images of extremely fit, half dressed women that are supposed to motivate you to exercise but only make you realize how far off you are
  • The excessive love quotes that places the “the perfect boyfriend” onto a long list of expectations
  • The billions of re-pins of male celebrities onto boards entitled “hot stuff” or “yummy”. It makes men into objects of lust instead of people to be respected.

So… overall, I can’t say that I like or dislike Pinterest. It’s a great resource, and it’s all about how you use it. As Christians, we have the opportunity to use Pinterest in a way that shows our respect for others, our taste in style, and our view of the world. Don’t worry… this doesn’t mean that we can only pin Bible verses or Christian quotes….I believe that God loves it when his daughters can enjoy good fashion and good food and good ideas in the world He created!

So pin things that are fun, creative, and worthy of being re-pinned.