Does It Have to Be Itsy Bitsy?

The itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka-dot bikini.... we all know the lyrics. But do we know what these lyrics actually meant for bathing suits lining the seashore? With the turn of the fashion world and the women's rights movement, the bikini became a tool used for female empowerment. But, fashion designer Jessica Rey reveals the [...]

Choosing Contentment Over Consumerism

  Just one more pair of shoes. Or how about that new designer Coach purse? Ooooo did you see the floral skinny jeans in this week's JCPenney ad? The wish list goes on forever.... As Black Friday approaches, don't skip right over Thanksgiving and start writing out your Christmas wishlist, giving up your thankful spirit to [...]

Barbie Girl: Stilettos in the Real World

Barbie Girl

A permanent smile, sparkly pink stilettos, and platinum blonde hair – she’s perfection you can hold in your hand, and she goes by the name Barbie. Barbie’s flawless skin and perfect figure seem harmless at first, but some argue that every little girl’s favorite doll is setting harmful standards for idealistic beauty. Mathematicians have calculated that a 5-foot-6 Barbie would have a 39 inch bust, 21 inch waist, and 33 inch hips - aka nearly impossible in reality. But is Barbie’s fake body causing real problems? I mean, she’s fake. Her plastic face never ages. She always smiles. She only has one emotion. Her hair doesn’t grow back when it's cut. She isn’t real. And her standard of beauty isn’t real either. Little girls know what is real with what is not. Magazines, celebrities, movies, TV shows… those are real people setting real examples and creating real problems… not a doll.