Does It Have to Be Itsy Bitsy?

The itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka-dot bikini.... we all know the lyrics. But do we know what these lyrics actually meant for bathing suits lining the seashore? With the turn of the fashion world and the women's rights movement, the bikini became a tool used for female empowerment. But, fashion designer Jessica Rey reveals the … Continue reading Does It Have to Be Itsy Bitsy?

Choosing Contentment Over Consumerism

It's easy to think that we will be content when we have enough. Or that we should learn to be content with what we have. But contentment has nothing to do with the circumstances that surround us. The solution is not in how much or how little we own. Th answer is not in our income or our circumstances. It is in our conviction to be content in whatever season of life He places us.

The Fashion Princess…. literally

Princess Kate. She's not just the Duchess of Cambridge. She's an icon in the world of fashion. Whether it's Time magazine or a British tabloid, magazines have made her a celebrity. Her pictures are everywhere, and her sense of style seems flawless. But Princess Kate doesn't simply dress to be famous or to please herself. … Continue reading The Fashion Princess…. literally