Dove hair products launched a new campaign featuring the cartoons we know and love! I really respect their creativity! Rather than using images of sensual models with sex appeal, they thought outside the box and used images that are fun and fresh!

Vote for Big Bird???

You might not know a lot about the economy. Or taxation. Or health care reform.

You might not know a lot about Obama. Or Romney.

But everyone knows Big Bird.

In Obama’s latest ad campaign, he uses the big yellow bird (without permission) as a way to poke fun of Romney.

In order to cut back on our national debt, Romney said that he’d cut government funding to PBS, the television channel that airs the popular TV show Sesame street. He made the pop culture reference in direct correlation to the economy and government spending.

Now the whole thing has spun out of control. It’s 28 days before the election, and America is talking about Big Bird.