Speaking Engagements

From a Father Daughter Banquet to a High School Youth Conference, Across My Heart Ministries will speak to your group of teens, youth leaders, or parents about God’s truths of cultivating purity in our culture today. Tackling the topics of modesty, beauty, confidence, and purity our team of ministry leaders will tailor their message to fit your event and age group. Contact us to inquire about scheduling a speaker for your next event or visit www.acrossmyheartministries.com.

  • What Is True Beauty?

  • Sex: A Good To Be Protected

  • Purity or Innocence?

  • God-defined Confidence

  • Modesty… Way Beyond Physical

  • How Far Is Too Far?

  • We All Want To Be Loved

  • Purity: Passionately Pursuing the Heart of God

  • Identity: Who I Am in Christ


I only wish I had something like this when I was their age.  – FOREST HILLS BIBLE RETREAT

I wanted to let you ladies know that we have received positive feed back from parents about the last retreat. The girls from the retreat are still talking about the truths and stories that were told to them. I’m thanking Him today for you ladies and asking for His favor to rest upon you. – KIM REIFFER, CORNERSTONE CHURCH RETREAT


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